Here we go again

So here i am on day 3 again. don't think it is as bad as last time. i have to thank u all for your support, and i will not smoke today. i have also decided that when i failed last time it had quite a lot to do with not coming here and quite a lot to do with drinking, so i am going to come here more and drink less, u will be fed up of me in no time!

As for all the other day 3 guys please don't do what i did and fail after a month, i promise it does get easier and lets face it i wouldn't be here again if i didn't want to really stop.

hey ramble ramble ramble (thats what the first few days are like)

Bev again!

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  • Well done Bev - they all say Day 3 is ghastly - remember it is possible to plant ideas in your own head - i.e. expect it to be worse because others have said it will be !!! I fell over after 8 days and could kick myself - am quitting again tomorrow after a week back on the weed hoping the withdrawal will not be quite as bad - cold turkey- so will be just behind you just think by the end of the day today all the nicotine will have left your body !! assuming you are doing this cold ?? - that will keep you focused for sure - and you WILL make it this time - good luck - Peta

  • Hi Bev :D

    Welcome back and on day 3 already that's great

    Pleased to hear you're finding it easier this time as well

    You know where you went wrong last time so know the pitfalls to avoid


    Marg xxxxxxx

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