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day 16 not been evicted yet

hi all im into day 16 .. always start like a monster then i slowly come to normality .. still a tad jealous when i see someone smoking but likewise jealous of someone whos got lots of money,very fit & got the best job in the world which them 3 i can never see them happening 1 being mega rich, 2 having a personal trainer & owning a gym & 3 doing a job i actually enjoy... but i just accept them 3 things as probably never being part of my life although a am quite happy in my life.. of which once i accept that i wont ever smoke again then maybe its will be the same kind of acceptance? yes i do confuse myself half the time

so day 16 is here & half way through almost, i am likeing today & i have suddenly realised that in the early days the thought of buying a paper without fags was difficult so i avoided the shop.. now i go in the shop n buy a paper, dont think about buying fags( i just buy lots of choc n sweets instead) & my bill is still a lot cheaper lol xxxx

doing 12-8 at work on saturday so that should help with sat night sulks xx im sulking about being in work till 8 instead lol .. (already thinking about weekend already how mad is that )

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i do hope so chrissie it would be so good like you said 3rd time lucky n no i havent got an air guitar yet lol got the sewing machine instead n lots of material from ikea x hope you doing okay too today how far are you now? x


well done chrissie v 2months is fantastic.

I am now almost done on day 16 i feel bit breathless today in moments, dont know if im anxious or its part of the quit process? anyone help? thanks oh n sore throat(not mega sore just sore)


Hi kitkat :D

16 days is great well done you Big Hug

Glad it appears to be getting easier now as you can go to buy a paper again


Marg xxxxxxxx


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