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Finaly started, stop!

Hi everyone!,

Rather alot of you know me already and have been very supportive for which many thanks once again. I am she that has been looking and searching for the 'right reasons' to quit and never really finding them. Well, thats not true cos i found loads of them!! i just could'nt convince myself that now was the right time and that the reasons where obviously good ones.!!

So today is the first of becoming sober from nicotine and actualy finding it rather easy!.....for the moment. Also, i wrote a blog on'' (advertising myself!) and i intend to continue the blog with updates. Hense, if i don't quit, then i cant keep feeding the blog!;). I would love to know what you guys think of it!.

I have a bad feeling that by tonight, i will be craving! something to do with, - my girls finaly sleeping, i can now have my time and thats usualy with a glass of wine and.......ummm a ciggi!

Anyhow, i'll let you know how i get on and please stay supportive to me,, you have already helped me soooo much :)


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Hi mimi, well done on the quit decision, here's hoping it will go well for you, what are you using to help you through? I didnt see any mention of NRT or Champix or Zyban. Crikey are you doing this cold turkey???? Well whatever way you are doing it you're a star and I'm wishing all the best for you. Stay strong and focussed on the without ciggys!!

Warmest wishes



Hi Justsayno!

Thanks for replying, yep! doing ct!!!!! oh my god and it's only my first day hehehe!! but i do think that if i find it really tough then i will give champix a shot.

My girl is also helping me and this blog that i'm doing. you gotta give it a read and let me know what you think...please ;)

But all in all, i'm just sooo fed up of my lungs and feeling trapped by the nic stick so motivation coming at me from all ends.

And how about you?? whats new your end?

Stay in touch!



Hi Mimi

Good luck with quitting. Anything you need advise, winge and moan everyone here will support you. :)


Well done Maverick!,

I can't wait to be able to say that. "it's been bla bla weeks that i stoped killing my self" ;)

Yes, as for moaning, nagging and advise, i think i will need all three at the same time and possibaly every day from now on hahaha.

I'll be online so watch out for the new found moaner of the week.

Thank you all so much for all the support!! ;)



Hi Mimi,

I hope Day 1 is going okay. Stay strong and stay focussed on those good reasons to stay quit. And before you know it the 'bla bla' days will be adding up.:D



Morning to one and all,

I should really typing this on 'day two' page should'nt i?? so this means that the first day went pretty well :).

struggled some what last night though after my dinner, i was almost scared to eat!!. But the yern soon left me.

And how are u all?



Good Going

Hi Mimi,

Good decision and great going. At first you should aim for 100 hours and better if you pass your time by sleeping. Believe me , It's just a habit and nothing more. You can quit very easily. Just keep visiting this page and do inform us about your situation.


Hassan Kazmi



Yeah, that a pretty good idea. Infact you have really good ideas and support plans:D

Feeling somewhat in a bad mood right now, either cos it's grim outside or i'm in need!!!! ;D

But..... i won't crack!




Hi Mimi :D

I'm so pleased you finally took the plunge well done you

Glad you're finding fairly easy just now always a plus

We'll all help and support you as much as we can every step of the way Promise

So come here often Yell, Scream, Shout or whatever we don't mind at all after all we've most of us done it at times


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hello to all!,

Well, i sopke too soon of course! (it's rather easy to quit!) yeah right!

I am particualy UP TIGHT today and am assking myself if i will really make it!? i'm sure i can do it, it's just getting over the storm.

If ever i feel i can't hack it, i'll go and see my doc and ask him about champix. It seems to me the best and simpleist way to quit.

Well, i shold be online for a bit so i will beable to see how you all are,. Either way, third day no smoke!! yupee!

mimi xx


Hi Mimi :D

You're doing just fine and on your 3rd day CT well done

After today all the nicotine will be out of your system just hang in there

We're all here for you and will help as much as we can Promise

Remember if/when the going gets tough IT DOES GET BETTER


Marg xxxxxxxx


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