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I want chocolate and nummy things!

Ello everyone. As some of you know I started a diet last Monday and dutifully counted my calories for 6 whole days and lost some weight already but then.. duh duh duh.. I stuffed myself silly all weekend and have now decided to stuff the diet and am sitting here with a bar of blue Fazer (best chocolate ever). I decided that it's too early to diet so bugger it. Am feeling much more cheerful now :D How're you all feeling today/tomorrow/yesterday? It's 2am here.. I should be in bed but am finally getting some peace with my choco :cool:

* I quit smoking on Wednesday 10th of June 2009 at 04:00 PM and have been free for 33 days, 9 hours and 16 minutes. I have not smoked 668 cancer-sticks and have saved 126.92 euro as well as gaining 122 hours of life. *

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Hi Harleyquine :D

The eating thing will aort itself out in time you'll find you don't need to eat as much

After six months the body has adjusted and your metabolism will go back to normal and the weight will come off again I'm now almost back to prequit wieght again


Marg xxxxxxxx


Getting really angry now...

I was just hoovering and I hate hoovering so it got me thinking. A couple of days ago I phoned a friend of mine who I haven't spoken to since I've quit and I told her I quit and that was alright. The conversation went well until she said 'well it was so easy for me to quit'. That's the second time since I've quit that an ex-smoker has said it to me. Do they feel that they're better than me cos they quit just like that? That my hours, days, weeks, months of effort are all because I'm a weak person who has no self-control or willpower. I usually ask them whether they had any withdrawl and about their smoking habits. Both of the people who have said that recently were very light smokers, three cigarettes a day. I know that to light smokers a cigarette is even more precious but if that's the case then why was it so easy for them? So are they just snotty gits who need their heads kicked in? or...

Is it that they want me to say well done? The two people in question both quit over 10 years ago so I wouldn't think they'd still be needing a pat on the back.. don't think it's that cos they said it in a smarmy way, gits they are. Is there any evidence to show that those who quit easily can start easily again? Would love to point that out :p


Why exactly are you trolling? Having a bad crave? ;)


Well done HarleyQuine

I have a few friends who I consider very light smokers, they've been very supportive in my quit though. I must admit I do wonder why they smoke. however you are a no smoker so what does it matter, there's always this forum. :):)


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