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day 13 up & down

hi all, day 13 almost over .. was a funny start had my usual lie in but for some reason has the day went on i felt in a complete mood!!! for no reason...saw smokers outside a shop & desperately wanted to join them, the kids were being difficult today & i just wanted to scream out loud ... funny really coz later on the day wasnt actually wanting a fag just felt in bad mood.. i do get pmt & it is approaching so ive put it down to i would be in a general bad mood anyway & that i was blaming it on not smoking...sort of... tonite was better got my new sewing machine out made 3 cushion covers, didnt think of smoking at all.. just the unsettled feeling in my tummy is back a bit... maybe its coz it day "13" going into 14 days tomorrow then into week 3 well done me & all of usxxxxxxxxx

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My day 15

Hi kitkat.

glad to hear you are still going! Well done you are doing really well!:D:D:D

I am still wanting a fag sometimes, but not cos of a craving now, just cos of the habit!! now even found not using so much NRT, just really the occasional bit of nicotene gum. I think with me it has all been in my head, what i mean is that i gave up for 3 years(yes and still started again i know!!:confused:)this was 15 years ago, and still never really saw myself as a smoker, even though i was smoking 20 a day. i know that sounds wierd, but it seems to have worked. Although this time, i know i cant have that one fag like i did back then!!

keep up the good work Kitkat. (by the way i am still getting moody too!!)


Hi KitKat :D

Well done on day 14 that's 2 weeks done and dusted Big Hug for you

Sorry you had a moody day yesterday don't worry about the moodines it's still early days for you and it will get better as you go along OK


Marg xxxxxxxx


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