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Waiting to hack?

Okay.....I am everyone supposed get the hack of the lungs cleaning out? I have never had that any time I have longest quit was 6-7 months and I still never had any phlem coughing episode. I never had a smokers cough unless I had a sinus infection or bronchitus when I was a smoker.

Thanks for any info.....


quit 7 , Day 20 :39 year old mom of 4: 24yr smoker: 20-30 a day

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Hi Hanna :D

No not everyone gets that hacking cough as the lungs clear

Like you i quit several times before this and I never had it at all


Marg xxxxxxx


no coughing??

Hi Hanna:D

I am on day 15 now and i was waiting for the coughing episode and clearing everyhting out, but not had that. had a bit of a sore throat, ulcers, a cold, and a tickly throat, but i have been the same, not been coughing stuff up either...:confused:


Thank you!

Okay...good so it doesn't mean anything if I don't end up hacking ever where! I am glad to hear and hope I don't have to go through that! Thanks for the info.



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