Hurry Up Week 4

Okay I am really hating week 3!! I find myself thinking about sitting on my deck having a glass of wine and smoking 5 cigs all at once! I am constantly occupied with the thought of missing just sitting...and smoking!! YUCK! I have no motivation to do anything at home.......I have still been going to the gym and caring for my children but other than that I just want to do nothing!

It is not the type of desire or desperate frenzy that has me running out and buying cigs I have nic gum for the crankiness. It is more of a sad feeling.....a...what do I do now to relax? How do I spend my time? I know the about being productive...I just don't feel like it right now! I think one thing that is truly helping me other than this forum and the gum is this hypnosis CD I have been falling asleep to. Because when I start thinking about how wouldn't it be great to just sit for one night and smoke....all the things I hated about smoking come to my mind........I know that I could never just have that one night of carefree smoking 500 cigs and downing a gallon of wine.....I know it would become having to smoke every hour of the day all over again.

Thanks for letting me vent! I am staying is just hard sometimes to let that part of my life go.


Quit 7 Day 18: 39 year old mom of 4 , 24 year smoker: 20-30 a day

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  • Hi,

    I know just how you feel.

    I do not have the bad smoking dream anymore, the ones where you wake thinking you have smoked when you haven't but feel like you have doh.

    The other night I dreamt that my worse nightare had happened & that my sons, hubby or mum had died & that would be so painfull, it would break my heart & it would be ok to smoke. My dream did not specify hwo but it was clever enough to know that if that happened I would face an almighty battle to not smoke. That addiction is a bloody clever thing & this happened in my sleep. I was on 60 odd days then.

    I have managed this quit through fear. I do not know how I have done it. Just MY QUIT this time I think.

    As a newbie quiter, please do not be put off. WEe are all different. the thing we all share is the addiction to nictotine, a drug. It is gonna be a hard fight but you can do it. Heroine users do it, crack users do it, we can to.

    Think I may have windered a bit sorry..... hope you get what I am sayin g.

    Love G.


  • Hi HannaMarie :D

    You're doing great in week three and very soon now you'll feel so much better for some reason week 3 is difficult for a lot of us but keep going you're nearly to week 4 now

    As Gaynor say's we're all different and so are our quits and the way we handle them you will find a new way to relax without the fags Promise but after all smoking was a huge part of all our lives so it takes time but you'll get there just do what is right for you OK


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Chrissie :D

    If you're going to make a film i think you should just be you :p

    I also think we all to some extent wish our lives away and want to be further on than we are with our quits


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Love You Guys!

    Thank you for your support! I really am not sure what I would do without this forum some days! You are the best...I do wish one day I could meet everyone face to face...of course I am over in the US.....sort of a long trip!

    Congrats to everyone for another smoke free day.....Today has started off good here...trying to be more motivated to do some gardening!


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