6 Months Today

Oh yes, not a single puff since 10/01/2009:D

Don't get me wrong, numerous occasions when I would have sold a kidney for a rolly but no way!!

Got to admit that I don't feel much fitter than before I quit - lifting same weights at the gym, pretty similar performance when I did this years coast to coast charity bike ride but as a wise man once said you can be fit and smoke but never healthy and smoke!

I honestly don't think I'll ever smoke again:D

Best of luck to everyone else with their quit:)

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  • Tim,

    I understand where you are coming from with the fitness. I was a little disappointed that the change to my fitness wasn't greater at 6 months but now I' approaching the 1 year mark its recently made a big difference to stamina, endurance and recovery rate. What has happened is that some point after 6 months it started to improve to the extent that I could train harder and thus improve it further.

    Congratulations and best wishes.


  • Well done Tim,

    Nothing else to say really.

    You sound very positive about the whole thing.

    Congratulations. :D

  • Hi Tim :D

    Well done you 6 months is a great Milestone to reach



    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Cheers guys!!:)

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