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Day 6 I'm here and awake

Don't panic I haven't fallen off the wagon just been catching up on some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's :)

Feeling much better today thanks...........went off to bed at 11pm, was up at 3am and 5am, all that bloody water I had been Slept till 8.30 got up had breakfast and went off to work, came in at 2pm had something to eat sat down for 5mins and fell asleep and I have not long woken up!!!! :p Must have been all that dancing and singing yesterday, then there was the baking for you lot till all hours. Anyway caught up now and feeling much better.

Can't believe I am nearly through day 6. Only 1 more day and I move up to week 2 and then the next day you join me passenger :) I am soooo proud of us, maybe we will be rolling into month 2 but hey girl we're doing it :D

Carol x

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Good to see your still with us. Tired but sounding strong and positive.

Nearly into week two.

Keep going.



Hi Carol :D

You sound so much better today, well done on day 6 that's great and you have every right to be proud of yourself just hang in there

It will get a little easier for you everyday you stay smoke free Promise even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


good stuff thats really good hope so i nearly slipped now xx


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