No Smoking Day
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Day 11

Well into day 11 now, and as far as actually not smoking goes, all good. But I am so angry with myself. It's been one trip to the dentist after another this past 11 days!

I know, the reasonable part of my brain sees that clearly, this was coming whether I stopped 11 days ago or not. But the less reasonable me thinks something along the lines of well 'why bother'. Trouble is I've used this excuse before. Not specific to my teeth, but you know, the devil on your shoulder saying well why worry about it if the damage is probably already done. I'm sure you all met him.

I got around it last time, by booking a chest x-ray, and whilst it was clear that I had smoked for years, there was nothing too untoward. There went the excuse I had used for years. The teeth though, it's just so confidence destroying. I don't know. All good, just a little vent!

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