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The cakes are out the oven


Well girls the cakes are ready and smelling gorgeous............. :D

Now there is plenty to go round but you musn't take a piece of the extra large one cos that's a pressie for Passenger.

I'm off to bed to try and hopefully sleep tonight. If I'm up all night again I swear I am going to lose it big time and passenger you prob wont see your cake.

Night night girls and boys.

Carol x

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i ll take that big slice,thx caz :D

thats before chrissie finishes the whole blooming cake lol gotta be fast on this forum or u ll stay hungry:p

Hi All :D

Carol the cake was lovely thought I was doomed to just that breadroll and I hope you slept well last night

Chrissie I think you like cake a lot HAHA


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Nice one Chrissie you tell him :D

I'm baking a massive big cream cake to cheer passenger up..............she needs it tonight :)

As for the weight control..............When I weighed myself today I've lost 1lb :D

Must have been all that singing and dancing yesterday.

carol x


Told you ,you had done enough exercise for one day.

Can't wait for the stale cake????????????????

Hungry 'G'

I know aren't you clever :)

It's in the post but it might be crumbs by the time it arrives :p

Did you not manage to get in quickly enough last night? I baked a big one for the girls and left them all scoffing it when I went off to bed :D

Carol x

Couldn't get in there fast enough.

Then I had to remember how to fight all the girls off. It might come back to me one day.


I'm sure you can remember how to fight them off gary. ;) How long is it since you last fought them off?

Hi Chrissie

Yes I'm great today thanks.........had a good nights sleep apart from the loo trips :rolleyes: too much water me thinks. Just being saying to passenger yesterday was so bad for me and today it's her turn. Day 5 seems to be a bad one for lots of people.

Carol xx

Happily married for a long time now.

Anyway... What is it about day 5.

The 3s have been mentioned in a lot of the posts. I remember my day 5 and that was a good day thankfully. Sorry about you and passenger, however you are coming through the bad time.

Don't forget your reasons and stick to them. You will win.:D


Dont know what it was about day 5 but mine was rotten and it looks like passenger has had a rough one too.

But we will not give in and we will make it to week 2 :D

Carol xx

Order taken and will be delivered on Sunday :D

At the moment I'm busy sticking davids remote where the sun dont shine :D

And advising Gary on how it would be a bad idea to get one :D

Carol x

Hi Carol :D

Can i have a coffee and walnut cake as well please

Pretty please could you help out by making some of your lovely cakes for next Friday we're having a big party for Nic as he'll get to the penthouse then it's in Cheltenham Town Hall as my flat not big enough

It's an open party and everyones invited for about 8ish


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Chrissie,

Yes thanks its going fine, another good day.

Just trying to help Caz and Passenger out. Having a bad day but I think Caz is sorted now because shes threatening to do something with remote controls and the sun.


2 coffee and walnut for probs.

I'll do my best to make you something nice for the penthouse bash next friday.

Hopefully one day passenger and I will be having our penhouse bash........if, sorry when we get there can we have a joint party? That's if passenger would like that. :)

Carol x

hey guys just read all these posts im smiling again:)i am so glad im not going smoke free by myself its much easier having fun people like u are always up for chocolate cake ,creamy yummy stuff:p

Hi Carol :D

Thanks and of course you and Passenger can have a joint party I'll go and put it in the diary now OK

This having parties is getting to be a lovely habit around here and there are several of us getting close to the Penthouse now


Marg xxxxxxxxx

thx margaret im up for a party and wer just a day away:D so joint party with my good buddy is in order xxxx

Hi Passenger :D

OK your joint party is already pencilled in my diary so can put it in ink now

Hope you're all coming to Nics next week as well


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

I'll be there any excuse for a party................and gary is sending me a bottle of plonk so i can bring that and lots of cakes.

And before anyone starts about how we have to watch what we are eating we will be dancing all night so we wont put on any weight. Sorted :p

Carol x

deal:D xxxx

Has anyone tried to eat a bowl full of Bakewell pudding and ice cream at the same time as trying to type?????????

Todays tip......... Don't the computer doesn't like. But my dog did when it fell on the floor.

Oh well...........


Hi All :D

OK Dancing all night can someone please bring some extra CDs though as I may not have enough here to dance to although i have a lot without playing them 2/3 times


Marg xxxxxxxx

Oooh, I will make an apple pie, I love that with ice cream. Having read back through all the posts, you made my mouth water.

I'm also in my first month (well day 10 actually) and having always been on the trim side, was scared to death of putting on weight, but I can only deal with one thing at a time and the smoking is more important.

Plus could be an excuse to get a new wardrobe with the money I'm saving. Sounds good. he he :p

any cake left?


Just put a dunfillan bramble pud in the oven. One of those big, hearty, stodgy puds. One piece of it and I can guarantee no-one will even care about fags or fighting with extra inches! :D

Hi Chrissie :D

Well done you 11 weeks today is great Huge Hug for you

Carol where are you Chrissie just hit 11 weeks have to celebrate

If I bring a bowl of clotted cream can I please have some strawberries to go with it


Marg xxxxxxxxx

11 weeks is brilliant, I'm chuffed to get to 11 days (well at 11pm tonight).

Hope you have something nice planned for your celebrations next weekend.

Hi Chrissie :D

Now what do I do with all this clotted cream ;)

Any ideas you lot :p:confused:


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


We having a party?

how is everyone?

lee x

Hi Lee :D

Well I guess we could turn it into one if you want hang on I'll give the others a yell


They'll let us know in aminute I expect Lee


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

sorry guys, was too engrossed in the General section.

It all done now, please excuse the well done crust. It just means you can have more ice cream to hide the burnt taste.

I will improve with practice - promise.

Marg, I would probably get reported if I put my suggestions on here!:p

Lee, yes we having a party - where you been all day and has it been a good one?

Hi Chrissie :D

No got no cake and you ate all the strawberries I got the cream for

Naughty girl that you are :p


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hi Trisha :D

Oh dear maybe you better not say then and as for some of them bet thery're no good for someone living alone :p

Chrissie so you want a food fight OK as long as you clean up afterwards here you go have a bowl of cream

Oppppppppppps bullseye sorry Chrissie


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

custard pie, right back at ye Marg

Trisha you missed :D

Here have a meringue


Hi marg yeah party sounds good to me Goes to the fridge to get some booze*

Hi toptotty yeah my day has been ok despite one little blip:eek: you been busy today?

Food fight chrissie sounds good to me **Throws some cream it chrissie**:cool:

lee x

urghhhhhhhh it's not set properly Chrissie yukkkkkkkkkkkkk all over my skirt

Heres a bowl of custard mind it's hot now


Throws a bowl of rice pudding at toptotty:p

That meringue was too good to be throwing. Just finished it. mmm mmm!

Here's some grapes, how many can you catch on your mouths :p

Lee pass me one of them bottles please this is thirsty work


Gives marg a bottle of Carlsburg *CLINK* Cheers!

Thanks Lee cheers where've the rest got to now

Bet they're up to mischief again

Yeah most likely hiding ready to jump out and throw something at us *looks under the table* nope not there:D

better get something ready to chuck at them then

any suggestions

Soz, been back in the general wondering how Nicfirth managed to do a moving smilie.

Going to have to go and get cleaned up shortly, work in the morning. :(

Don't you two be leaving a mess behind mind. Thanks for a fun time.

night night.

You're welcome but hey are't you going to help clean up first

Night Night

Hi Chrissie :D

MESS what are you on about I cleaned it all up before I left :(

Alone I might add as you lot had all disappeared

So if theres a mess you must have gone back again :p


Marg xxxxxxxx

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