No Smoking Day
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Sticking with it!

Ha ha i've made it into day 4-7 :p

Yesterday was so much better but today's been funny really. I keep having this feeling of, well I've proved my point now that I can do it so I could just have one. I know it's the wee devil on my shoulder and I will not let him win :mad:

Didn't expect it to play mind games with me like this. But I'm sticking with it and I will not give in.

Got my son off on school hols so I couldn't have one Believe me you would not want to try and get past him :D A 17 year old hormonal teenager who hates cigarettes with a vengence.

Carol x

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Good for u! U dont wanna get through day 2 again do you now :p dont give in im right behind you xxx


You'd better stay there with me :D I don't fancy doing this on my own :p

Carol x


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