Nearly a year!!!

:DWell it has been sometime since I last visited but here I am again!! Its been almost 1 year (18th August) and I cant beleive how quick it has gone!!

I got through my own wedding and 2 week honeymoon (1st holiday since giving up) and I feel so much better, look better and everyone has commented on it! I feel fab! I have put on a bit of weight but with my new cycling, yoga, and general excercise regime I am managing it!!

I still cant really beleive that I am now a non smoker and I hate to say it but I have become one of those - "If I can do it you can!" people!!

Im not gonna say that I still dont get the urge, cos I do - especially when drinking but the hangover isnt as bad and I dont get that cr*ppy taste in my mouth after a night out in the tiles!!

All in all Im soooo pleased I did it!!!


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  • Sorry I missed this (as it would seem did everyone else :rolleyes:)

    Congratulations that's fantastic,

    I know what you mean about getting the occasional urge to smoke but if its anything like me its more nostalgic than anything else and not difficult to resist!



  • Hi EmmseyWemsey

    Well done you on nearly a year quit Like Nic sorry I missed this but was on holiday


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