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day 6 - shocking result

i cant believe i have go through the whole weekend without smoking!!! i kind of knew when i began the quit that weekend would be my biggest test - i dont know if it how long id been quit thing why it was flippin hard or because it was my biggest habit test time - for at weekend i smoked the most!!! probably like most smokers do ..............its been hard, emotional & annoying. The worse part was when the kids were in bed, everything was peaceful & i craved a fag so much...- memory side of it i think? - today i have just felt anxious like a empty knot in my chest - of which the empty knot would be relieved usually with a fag or gum ( habit side again maybe ) - the empty knot has been with me all day, the craving has come in waves & just made the empty knot feeling worse........ is that "the monster in my stomach wanting feeding" (alan carr quote) or is it me being a nervous wreck........anyway day 7 tomorrow & i will be visiting clinic with my 2 year old & possibly a couple of shops beforehand for a bit of therapy ---------- hey all ive spent this week on nicotine is the £7. odd prescription charge ........ how cool is that -i would have prob spent around 20 quid by now xx hee makes me feel good xxthrough day 6 i just didnt smoke for today

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almost through day 6


thank you chrissie for support , i always feel relieved & in a comfort zone at night time.. this is the time i rejoice in another day done? why is that i should rejoice all through each day .. but thats life i suppose.. well done you too but i am so glad weekend is over lol xx take care n speak soon


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