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Week 5

Very peculiar day, feel as though something is missing, know it's not nicotine 'cause the physical addiction is gone, feel a little lost almost. As I said peculiar day.

Decided to have a relaxed weekend and haven't socialized much, pottered about a bit, feel strangely rudderless, think one of the hardest things I'm going to have to learn to do is sit still - what do non-smokers do with a free 10mins!

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Thanks Bible black

Sleep is a strange one, did manage a lie in this morning.

Have just pottered, am rededicating myself to my existing hobbies

Think you're absolutely right, just need to get use to how life is when not smoking, it's different, unfamiliar, (20 years as opposed to 35 days) change is always disorientating,

Need to find the zen thing, about stillness and calm. I am a great deal calmer but in some ways it feels as though I've lost something about myself with the calm, I'm not feeling the extremes I'm use too and I suppose by virtue of that somehow my life feels less vital, which is ridiculous, being less emotionally strung out is a good thing. But it feels like a loss.


Having more spare time

I know what you mean about having more time on your hands. That is honestly one reason I had such a strong desire to quit this time. I could see how much time I was wasting. Having 4 kids 8 and under means I always have a time deficit even without smoking. We smoked in the garage or out on the deck not in the house........I was tired of "having" to be interupted to go smoke. My kids were constantly complaining about our breaks.....I now seem to be able to get more done and spend more time with my kids.

Look at as the days length actually being added many times do we say "I wish there were more hours in a day"? Well now there is!

Keep it up!! You will come to love having more time on your hands! Maybe going for a walk........during some of your free time...the exercise will fight the smidge of depression you might be feeling.


quit 7 Day 13........39 year old 24 year smoker 20-30 a day


the exercise will fight the smidge of depression you might be feeling.


quit 7 Day 13........39 year old 24 year smoker 20-30 a day

I know you're right went cycling today but haven't been for a run, think this is playing on my mind and contributing to the blue funk.

But also aware I need to learn how to live without having every second of every day jammed to the rafters by something, even if it was just smoking. Feel somehow as if I've cheated myself out of a weekend because I haven't gone and done something. Have done plenty of things, some painting, cut the grass, weeded, shopping, cycling, washing, general chores but the weekend feels like I haven't achieved anything much - this is perspective. The weekends fly over and now that the weekend is over feel as though I've wasted it.

Again have to rationalise about having a quiet weekend in. Prob would've drank more and consequently smoked more. Disappearing up my own arse trying to understand what's the deal at the moment. Hope understanding dawns shortly.


Just had a thought, perhaps I feel I've cheated myself out of a weekend beecause I haven't drunk and smoked, nicotine is a devious little blighter - always trying to reel you back in. Just no, I don't want to do this again.

I have been quit for 1 Month, 5 Days, 1 hour, 59 minutes and 20 seconds (35 days). I have saved £152.60 by not smoking 701 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Days, 10 hours and 25 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 31/05/2009 20:00


Sounds like you're blaming sunday night syndrome on the evil hell that is nicotine addiction ;) Sunday nights suck cos we all know that tomorrow is Monday. Hope you get out of your funk soon and start enjoying your freedom :cool:

*I quit smoking on Wednesday 10th of June 2009 at 04:00 PM and have been free for 25 days, 8 hours and 8 minutes. I have not smoked 507 cancer-sticks and have saved 96.33 euro as well as gaining 93 hours of life.*


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