No Smoking Day
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Feeling really bad

Well it's day 2 and i've been 35hrs smoke free and I feel like shit.........:mad:

All I can think about is cigarettes and it's driving me mad. I feel so emotional but I am determined to beat this.

I keep telling myself that if I had one then I would have to go back to square one and suffer the last 35hrs all over again. Believe me I dont want to do that.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh :mad:

I WILL NOT GIVE IN...............

Rant over :p

Carol x

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Stick with it Carol. If you remember I had a bad day yesterday. Today is absolutly fantastic. What helped me was to keep busy and keep reading.

You know you can do it, stay strong.:)



Thanks Gary.

Think I'll do what you did and go and clean my car.

Here's to tomorrow ;)

Glad your having a good day today.

Carol x


Aww some days just really suck don't they? Try to take it an hour at a time (a minute if need be). Keeping really busy helped me get through those nasty first few days also typing on this forum helped. Good luck with your quit and not smoking means you're a non-smoker so go be one :D


Your cool Carol!

listen your very wise thinking this is going to be difficult.

because it really is the hardest thing i have EVER done but it really is the best thing thats ever happened to me.

everyday i wake up a non-smoker, everyday i feel like a winner!

keep strong and when your getting cravings, write your messages on here.





Day 2 was pretty bad for me too, went to dinner with a friend, she has since given me a little reminder of how "absent" I was at the dining table. But day 2 did end and it does get easier, it's worth keeping going because I do remember day2 and I don't want to do day 2 again. Day 2 for you is nearly over, just keep going it's nearly done.



You had a bad day yesterday hope you managed to stay focused and positive.

Day 3 for you now:) so you should be pleased.



Hi Gary

Yes I made it through the day and have made it to day 3. Great feeling and I have just posted in day 3.

Thanks for your help yesterday.

Carol :)


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