Quick check in

Any oldies still looking in?

I am a January 1 2008 quitter and still going strong........It's amazing to think of the dark days and the struggles but i can guarantee it is well worthwhile.

Would love to hear from anyone from back in the day!!!! We did have some sport :D

I'll check on in periodically and wish you all the very best........even the fatties :eek:

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  • Hi Bud,

    I'm kind of old ish, (well thats how it feels!) and occasionally the propper oldies pop in, but not regularly.

  • Great going Gary,glad to see your still at it.........:D

    Just hanging out not smoking...........:)

  • Good news Nic & Dubbs............nice to hear back :)

  • Hi Gary

    Sorry i missed you mate. Also very pleased your still going strong. i had a relapes but am almost back on month 8.xxxx

  • Hi Gary :D

    Good to hear from you again it's nice when the older quitters pop in to see us all

    I'm newer than Nic but hit 8 months this later this week guess that makes me oldish as well


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Still Paddling Away.

    Right on Gary! Way to stick with it. Definitely strange to look back to the beginning now. Tomorrow is day 500 for me... I may just have to have an extra beer for that lol... Take care, good of you to stop in.


  • Hi Viking :D

    Great to hear from you as well and great going on 500 days quit WOW that's fantastic


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Any oldies still looking in?


    Don't forget this IS the Hotel California.

    You can check out any time you want but you can never leave...

    Everyone's still here but some need a good prod to wake 'em up... :rolleyes:

  • Hi Austin :D

    Where've you been haven't seen you for ages


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

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