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Really want a fag. NOW!!

oh dear after feeling so positive for so long now tonight has been THE test! something just happened that made me think **** all this I want a cigarette right now. i went out of the house but never even got to the point of taking my purse out of my bag sat in the car and cried my eyes out, gathered my thoughts and went home without giving in. im still on the edge and thats why im posting in here. im fighting with myself cos i want one but i know that really i dont want one. argggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!

i know its not going to make me feel any better, i hate the smell of it on others and how that made me smell too but what is it that knowing all this I could still have one, apart from the fact theres no shop open near me and I cant drive anywhere. I know in the morning I will be proud that i never gave in but hell this is hard:(:(:(:(

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Hi Moog,

It's awfull isn't it, chrissie and I are having a shit day as well, there must be sumit in the air that's makin us want a fag, I always seem to be the same at the weekend, can't wait for Mon to come and get back to work, never thot I'd hear myself say that, I never think of fags when am at work, but come the weekend seems to be all I think about.

Just keep your chin up, we can do this xxxx


Hey Moog,

Hope you are feeling better today. What you described sounds completely familiar to me. Today will be all the better for not having given in yesterday.

Stay strong.



thanks guys, I didnt give in and im flipping proud of myself. I knew having a rant on here would help me and it did. Thanks so much for your ongoing support. I cant get on as much as I would like to at the moment but do think of everyone often. Four calendar months for me tomorrow, yeeehaaaa!!


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