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day 3 finding it tough!!!

day 3 im through day 1 & 2 & onto day 3 of which im finding quite difficult why is that? its tougher then day 1!!!! omg keep getting cravings & grumps & generally bad mood!!! im in work soon just hope it takes my mind off it & get away from the nagging kids till 6.30pm lol x hope it gets better i will post later my stomach is kind of yearning for somethings missing, the back of my mouth wants to feel the sensation of smoking & my head is saying you will do this just for today .... thanks for listening

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Hi Kitkat,

Day 3 can be a toughie. For me, after what seemed like a bit of a breeze for the first couple of days suddenly got much harder on Day 3.

The terrible 3's (3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months) seem to hit quite a few people.

But you are right, get through today - an hour at a time, even a minute at a time if need be, and you will never have to go through this day again.:D

Stay strong



eased a bit!!!

thanks for support deke kind of made me feel better that 3 is a bad one .. kind of forgot!!! wonder why? ive still got the same ammount of nicotine in me has day 1?? i know im not smoking (felt good to type that wow). i am confused .... aww yeah gun n roses my fave chrissie v - but they all smoked & prob still do!!! unless they are on this website - wouldnt that be ace is axl rose himself was tryna quit on here ha ha ha... & the kids i love them to bits but today it was easier in work although i can see all the smokers at breaktime right through the window!!! i kind of smiled & munched on quavers n choc!! it was weird.. but i a, through today & ure right i should be proud!!! oh god dredding weekend a bit.. im not gonna have any alcohol for a while just to keep me safe!!! but whether i drank or not i smoked more at weekend... at this moment the thought of it makes me feel sad ... but when i reallty think i feel silly for feeling sad because its not big deal really is it?? day 3 almost done... hope it does get bit better & yeah my patch is still firmly in place kept checking today lol .... thank again xxx


yeah i agree

ha ha other smokers on tele is so bad.. was watching lily allen on a glasto repeat think it was day one of quit!!! eek i kind of thought she looked great & was takeing drags of a fag why the crowd sang her chorus!!! i couldnt watch it to be honest i went & did something else .. probably ate something i cant remember.. but she deffo made it look good - silly girl she will regret it in 20 years!!! ha ha i sound like my mother ... getting a shower in a bit washing the patch away n then to bed .. i kind of didnt go bed straight away after takeing patch off yesterday was playing games on f,book .... then started to feel bit panicy it was weird!! but i feel panicy now so that dosnt really proove anything .. wot am i going on about ..thanks for support & we are all doing good just for today :)


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