No Smoking Day

Day 16

Overlaid today rushing about for work did not have chance to attach my patch

Not to worry no problems with this, now securly attached ! Phew

Again came to work on the bike in this beautiful sunshine -, really getting into this biking to work thing

Still feeling really good on day 16 I can say the urges are getting few and far between, still early but feeling very confident

Im loving smelling fresh and clean and walking into a fresh smelling home, its remarkable how much smokers smell cant believe when im walkingbehind a smoker thats what i used to smell like

Good luck to everyone I hope you are getting the buzz that im getting so far !!!


3 Replies

Hi Lulee,

You sound really positive in the middle of week 3, good going.:D

And yeah, we used to smell bad!:eek: But not anymore..:)



I can smell a smoker at 50 meters, well almost. Yea they smell really bad


Great that you're so positive :) and congrats for getting to day 16. It's cool the way your sense of smell and taste comes back after quitting and yep.. smokers stink. Dunno how all these non-smokers have put up with it for so long.


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