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day 2 again- feel funny

Hi all thanks for all advice on day one - chrissie v you must tell me youre nicorette patch story if that okay? & thanks nic firth for welcome back - i remember you last time round. Aww feel like im back to being understood...

anyway day 2 - sorry to be boring but i feel better when i do a post - i am almost through day 2 yipee - it was a bit more tricky today for some reason. I felt bad to start off with in bad mood!! but when i thought back to before i ever smoked i was always a bad mood person 1st thing in a morning. Stuck my patch on felt a bit huh!!! a bit unpositive maybe?? got on with the day - did school run, took my toddler to a playgroup... everything was going ok but not quite has good as good as yesterday?? ... got a few urges for nicorette gum( when i wud have gum) &fags at times i would smoke of which i am starting to realise that i am a sort of robot that needs to be re wired or wotever the wording would be.... so today i kind of though of a time when i didnt smoke or chew nicotine gum & i didnt need it... i also thought that im just not gonna smoke for today which helped..i even had my driving lesson which went well!!! so trying to convince myself that the addiction causes the stress & that i can do everything that normally happens in my everyday life just the same... if that makes sense? still early days but im quite pleased that i have come through day 2 & i am smiling at the fact that the patches are helping. & that it is possible.... im looking to far ahead i know but at this moment.. im scared of the patch weaning process & any nights out that may be coming up which involves alcohol .. of which i have already said no to one next weekend with the girls........but my head should just think today & be proud of today....thanks for reading x

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ello kit kat-kool name!:D

listen kiti, well done for saying no to going out with the girls.

wise choice.

not on patches myself, but others will surely advise you shortly.

keep it up kat-lets smash this stink together!





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