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Day 9: Good and Bad parts today

Okay well day 9...started off pretty good. I went to a cycling class and couldn't believe how easy cardio wise it was all of a different exercising as non-smoker vs a smoker!

Then this afternoon I go to the doc for a physical.....she is all gald to hear how I quit smoking.....when I told her I was chewing 2-3 pieces of nicorrett a day she told me to try harder! What the H@(( is that? I am thinking hey.....I am doing pretty good here....and you tell me to try harder because I am using something to help me. Whatever.....she obviously understands NOTHING about addiction.

Hope everyone else's experiences today have been good! Hope everyone is keeping up the hard work!!


day 9: 7th quit: 39 year of age, 24 years smoked 20-30 a day.

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well done on your quit! You are doing terrific, and it sounds like an uneducated doctor. As long as you are quit, it doesn't matter how you get there. Take it from a patches quitter! xx


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