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Day 20


So at 4pm today I'll have been quit for three weeks. Where do I post after that? There are four weeks to a month so where's the fourth week? *breaking into a sweat*. This week has been a nasty one. Feel so tired all the time especially in a morning. Am eating like there's no tomorrow. My nicotine patch is gradually being cut down so it could be that causing the tiredness, I just wanna get free and clear so I can get some energy again. Maybe I have a bit of post-quit depression. I'm certainly not moping over a cigarette but am moping over the fact that I don't feel I can get anything done, stupid eh? Mornings are the worst and it's morning now so maybe I should go get myself sorted out and take the dog for a walk and then I'll feel better..

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Deke9 Years Smoke Free

I'm pretty sure you post in the Month 1 room. (You've got past 3 weeks, but not into 2nd Month yet!)

But to be honest, it doesn't really matter where you post. I mean, who's going to make an issue out of it.:D

Fab stuff getting through the first 3 weeks.

I hear what you say about feeling tired a lot of the time. Happened to me quite a lot - still does from time to time. It can take a while for things to settle down and return to "normal", but things will get easier. This warm weather is a bit ennervating too, and that can result in exagerated tiredness too.

Stay strong and you will find that things get easier.


Well done!!!! I feel for you thought - I'm on day 25 and could have written most of your post myself. Yesterday was OK though, only about 1 craving that only lasted about a minute.

Today though ..... I have eaten:

a bowl of cereal - but I haven't had a smoke

a packet of crisps - but I haven't had a smoke

some leftover pasta - but I haven't had a smoke

a Twirl - but I haven't had a smoke

a lollipop - but I haven't had a smoke

2 Werthers Originals - but I haven't had a smoke

I've been for 2 walks round the block - but I haven't had a smoke

I'm feeling a bit low, out of sorts, tired too - but I haven't had a smoke

I'm just clinging on to the fact I have not had a smoke. That's GOOD :)

I remember not being sure where to post when I finished my 3rd week, I posted in the month forum for a week then went to the two month forum.

Congrates on your 20 days you are doing brilliant dont worry too much about what you eat, Im just starting to slow down on my eating and losing the odd lb so I think in the next month you should find it all balancing out ;)

but you will still post in the 3rd week its still week 3 and couple of days not week 4 lol but i posted mine for the 27th day in the first month

Shouldn't they rename week three to week three and four then? Cos.. Once day 1 is over we post in day 2 and so on.. so once week three is over surely there should be a week four forum so we can all congratulate ourselves over getting through week three (which is a bitch of a week) ;) I'm on day 22 now and feeling a lot better. Yesterday I had a bad day cos I was so tired but the patch on my arm is getting smaller and smaller. I will never quit smoking ever again.. after all this work and the results I've had I refuse to fall into the trap once more. This forums members are great, thank you all for being there and knowing exactly what's been happening to me and for letting me blah blah blah :D no doubt there's still some more of that to come :S

*I quit smoking on Wednesday 10th of June 2009 at 04:00 PM and have been free for 22 days, 18 hours and 56 minutes. I have not smoked 455 cancer-sticks and have saved 86.45 euro as well as gaining 83 hours of life. *

I know about feeling unproductive!

I know exactly what you mean.....I am on day 19 and feel like I can't get anything done except what I absolutely "have to"! Mornings are tough.....I don't want to get up! I think a little depression is normal when quitting. It is a big life style change but it will subside especially on those days the realization hits that you are a non-smoker! I just can't wait until I have the motivation to take advantage of all the extra time I used to waste smoking! We will get there....just takes time I guess. are doing wonderful! Don't worry about the eating.........keep it in mind but don't freak about an extra little something here and there. You will lose be able to lose anything you gain!! I just keep saying I would rather be 5-10 pounds heavier and not smoking!!


quit 7, Day 20: 39 year old mom of 4: 24 yr: EX_smoker 20-30 a day:

Hi harleyQuine :D

Well done on 3 weeks quit that's great Big Hug for you

You go into month 1 room now OK and at the end of month 1 to month 2 and so one

Don't worry about the tiredness it's normal and you'll soon get those energy levels back Promise


Marg xxxxxxxx

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