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Day 11, yay!!!!!

Well I have now made it to day 11, feeling much better and finding it easier, have now gone down to half a patch, I was a bit cranky on the first half patch day but now my body seems to adjusted to the lower dose. One thing that has really suprised me is just how strong cigerette smell actually is :eek: Went out this morning and treated myself to some nice smelly stuff :D. Thankyou everyone who posts on here, I don't think I would be still here if it wasn't for reading through all of the threads so a big thankyou to you all :D Now I just need to do something about my eating habbits hmmmmmmm now where did I put them choccie biscuits?????????

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Hi Tina :D

Well done you on day 11 that's great

Glad to hear it's getting easier for you now

keep it going


Marg xxxxxxxxx


But how good do strawberries taste now!!!!!! so much better than before


Yo tina congratulations so far day eleven! wow!


all i can say is like most things that we do regular become habits.

well basically we need to eat to stay alive, thats obvious.

and the more you eat the bigger your stomach gets-thats fact.

so if you control your food intake then that will become a habit-in this case a good one!

your stomach will reduce in size so you will become full-up on your now new smaller portions!

i started my diet properly yesterday, and it really reminds me of the first few days of not smoking-VERY DIFFICULT

the weekends are going to be my cheat days-where i can eat what i want, then at least you have something to look forward to.

well done again





well done on getting to day 11 :) that's brilliant

Don't worry about the eating, just each time you go to eat something ask yourself if you're really hungry. If yes, eat, if not, do something else. Don't go on a diet, they just mess up your head, your metabolism and can make you bigger than before - I speak from experience here! Oh, plenty of exercise helps, especially now it's MUCH easier to breathe.


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