Day 6!!!

I woke up this morning after going out and having a few beers last night.....I woke up completely amazed and excited that I didn't smell like an ashtray!! I didn't smoke even while having a few beers!! I did chew the gum....but I had no desire to smoke and barely took notice when others lit up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh....empowerment! My husband quit too the same day as I.....he quit cold turkey...I am a little jealous I have to admit. However I am still proud of both of us!


Day 6: quit attempt 7: smoked 24 years 1- 1 1/2 packs a day(except during the 4 pregnancies.......those count for 4 of my quits)

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  • Well done Hana & to your hubby as well.

    One week almost done & dutsed :D

    Love Gaynor xx

  • exercise helps

    Thank you for the article. I do take 7-8 exercise classes a week. It is one of the reasons I wanted to try to quit again. I thought it was rediculous to be exercising and trying to increase my cardio endurance....only to leave the gym , go home and have a few smokes!

  • Hi Hanna :D

    Well done to you both on day 7 that's great

    There is no need to be a little jealous of your hubby going CT we all quit the way that suits us after all the only thing that matters is to quit and stay quit


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Hanna,

    Well done to you. It really doesn't matter how you quit. Just that you have! I quit using patches and my hubby quit cold turkey. Both of us got the job done though which is all that is important!

  • Thank you

    Thank you everyone!! And yes today is day 7??? Wow.........amazing.......I can hardly believe it. Hope everyone is having a great day........I better get the kids to the pool before they tear the house down:)

    Good luck to everyone today! Keep it up.


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