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Mmq roll call

Hi to all MMQ's.

From recent posts I can tell that a bunch of us have made 100 days plus. So I was thinking - time for a roll call.

It would be great to hear from everyone as to how they are getting on, those that are on here regularly as well as those who may only post occasionally.

Being part of MMQs and this forum have been a huge part of the success of my quit.


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Hi Deke, Yeah MMQ and proud to have come this far....... Not on as often now, but do check on everyones progress now and then, and yes like u said noticed alot of MMQs reaching the milestone of 100 & 3 Months.... Its great to see and like you, know I would never have got this far without the fantastic help and encouragement from this forum..... Kaz :p


Still hanging in here.

Had a really good weekend, away with friends but a lot of them smoke and was really really tempted a lot more than once, but still here. Another smoking trigger overcome.

It was a struggle this weekend but some how Im still here. its going to be easier next time.


Hi Im still here (i think), it has been a struggle and still have the odd bad day but the good days are getting more! I am definately never going back to smoking no matter what - life is better as a non smoker!

Well done to everyone else and i wouldnt have got this far without everyones help on here - so a big thank you!

tracy 21


Hi Kaz, Maverick and Tracy,

Good to hear from you. The weeks have zipped by recently - probably because I don't think about smoking quite as obsessively as I did at the beginning of the quit!


Hi all, good call Deke, be good to see so many of us making it.

I'm on 98 days.


Hey Juster,

Hitting your century in 2 days. Brilliant.:D

Hi Caroline,

You are MMQ all the way.:D No question about it.


MMQ Crew

Hi, Im approaching my 5th month! its been hard at times but has defo improved after I got to 100days, this was a huge milestone for me.

Not around as much but do think about the forum members and their progress, cant always get on the internet though!

Will keep checking in and congratulations to everyone else for their quits




Where else would you expect me to be !!!!

A wee photo from this week to brighten your day

My name is Greg, and I am a nicotine addict.

I have been stopped smoking for 4 months, 2 days, 15 hours, 42 minutes and 14 seconds (124 days).

I've not smoked 4986 cigarettes, and saved £1,278.01.

I've saved 17 days, 7 hours and 30 minutes of my life.

Glad to see so many here :D


Hi Moog, Gregg and Sally,

Fantastic to see you all going strong.

Moog, 5 months is brilliant, you must be well pleased.

Gregg, as always I'm envious of your work environment.

Sally, it's lovely to hear that you hardly ever even think about smoking now. I'm sure that anyone just starting out on their quit will find it encouraging to read that.

Congratulations to all.



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