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Day 11


Doing fine on day 11

My patch is a bit itchy today which is getting on my nerves , first time its been like this.

Declined the offer of a bite to eat at a friends house today purely on the basis that they are heavy smokers and I want to find a stronger grounding before I start mixing wih heavy smokers again.

I can certainly see and the benefits , im feeling better in the mornings , sleeping better and bags more energy

Think im going to treat myself on Tuesday for getting to the 2 week mark

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Hi Lulee :D

You're doing great on day 11 just keep going

As for the patch being itchy today could you maybe move it to a different spot that may stop it itching

Glad you're already feeling the benefits of your quit

Yes do treat yourslef on that 2 week mark on Tuesday you deserve it


Marg xxxxxxxx

well done on day 11. I think you're right too not to go round to see your smoking friends until you feel a bit stronger. I've been avoiding our local pub of late, I know there's no smoking in pubs but a lot of poeple there smoke and I can see them through big patio doors. I'm not quite ready yet, but one day I will be.

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Lulee,

Really good to see you on Day 11, that 2 week milestone is only just around the corner.:D It is so good to count in multiples of weeks.

Stay strong


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