No Smoking Day
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Still here

Hi everyone, I am still here and now on day 8!!!!!!! I did have one slip up on day 5 where I had a cigerette but it was a lesson learnt as I really didn't get anything out of it at all, it just seemed totally pointless and abit confussed about why I would spend the last 15 years with these things. So now when I feel like I want one I just think back to day 5 and remember how pointless I thought it was. I have also woken up this morning with a cough :mad: and I never knew that coffee smelt sooooooooo strong

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Well done Tina,

You are doing great. I imagine the cough will be your lungs starting to clear the c**p so is a good thing :D

Keep strong.

Love Gaynor xx


Hi Tina :D

Well done on day 8 keep it going

The cough as Gaynor said is just your lungs getting rid of the rubbish glad the coffee smells good

There will be lots more benefits to come yet


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Tina

Well done - and also thank you for pointing out that having that fag on day 5 did nothing for you. I keep wanting to have a smoke, but I know deep down it's not that smoke I really want. A few people have said when they slipped up and had a smoke they didn't really enjoy it, so as you said ... a bit pointless. Guess I'll carry on chewing my plastic straw lol :)


Hi Tina,

Into week 2 already, excellent. The slip you mention has surely just strngthened your resolve. Stay strong.



thanks everyone, yes that slip up has made me realise that I really DON'T want to smoke anymore.

margareth I really don't like the smell of coffee lol, but if I can smell it that strong then its got to be a good sign.


Well done Tina you are doing fantastic,:) Ive noticed how strong coffee smells, but instead of 6-7 cups a day I only have 1 or 2 now I like my juice and camomile tea :D


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