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Neurologists Nightmare

Hi All

Just thought I would share this with you to remind us all why we are giving up the weed! I've not been around for a while as I spent a little time at Hotel Royal Hallamshire last week on the Neurology ward.

While I was there a young woman was wheeled in. She had undergone the most horrendous operation (not sure what is was) but she had a metal cage on outside of her breast bone holding the inside together. The poor woman was in so much pain, unable to eat and struggling to walk or sit and on a drip! One hour after being brought onto he ward she disappeared, 20 minutes later a call was received on the ward. She had gone for a fag and was unable to make her way back to the ward! The nurses advised her not to smoke anymore! She had been given patches to help with the craving. Half an hour later a woman from a ward further down, carrying her cathatar bag in hand and wheeling her own drip, came with a wheelchair to take the chest lady with her to go for a fag. I have never seen such a sight as these two disappearing every hour or so in their pj's and wheeling drips to travel the 10 floors to the ground floor reception and out the doors to feed the addiction!

For any of you out there struggling with withdrawals and doubting your decision to quit please, please don't give in. Self loyalty is something to be so proud of. Keep going and enjoy your good health, it's very precious. Love to you all

Eileen xx

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Hi Eileen :)

I hope you're better after your hospital stay

The story you tell here really brings it home not just to those still struggling with withdrawals etc but to all of us just what lengths we are/were prepared to go to feed that habit we all have/had

It also proves just how strong that addiction is for all of us and the awful thing is this addictiion is easily and relatively cheaply fed and it's perfectly legal to do so and even encouraged by the cigaret makers and the government

Thankyou for sharing that with us I am sure many will be encouraged to carry on the fight by this

You're right we should all enjoy our good health which so many of us take for granted as head in the sand like we all say/think it won't happen to me but it can and it does to many of us


Marg xxxxxxxx


Wow Eileen that's a sobering story. Like Marg says it shows how strong the addiction to nicotine can be, so all us quitters should be proud of ourselves, what we have done takes a lot of strength.

I keep remembering, when the pull to smoke is strong, that I'd rather go through a few months of this than treatment for any smoking related disease.


Hi Eileen,

Yes what a sobering story but I bet a trillion squid that when I was a smoker I would have done exactly the sad is that???


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