No Smoking Day
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Day 10 !!!!!

Reached day 10 yipee !!!!!! went to the pub last night stayed on diet coke just in case but didnt even cross my mind to smoke

Waking up with a sour mouth at the moment - just means i just straight out of bed to brush my teeth, im hoping this will pass soon

My general feeling is very good, cant wait till Tuesday to go to the NHS drop in centre to discuss my progress

Roll on week 3 !!!

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yeah well done mate, i get the sour mouth aswell-not nice.:)

day 10! i'am on day 13 so just in front of you, feels great doesn't it!





Well done Lulee,

You are doing great, keep it up :D

Love Gaynor xx


thanks , yes everyday makes me feel better, well done jamiestars for getting to day 13 !:)


Hi Lulee :D

Well done on day 10 that's great keep it going

Waking up with a sour mouth will soon pass, glad to hear that otherwise you feel good


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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