No Smoking Day
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day 9

Came to work on the bike today 8 miles each way - feel very motivated and cant wait to hit the 2 week mark.

Getting the odd urge now and again but nothing too bad and felt a little bit everyone was getting on my nerves yesterday but apart from that alls going well. All the chocs and goodies have now been eaten , I have chopped a water melon up for if I get a snack attack I can just nibble

Reading other posts im wondering if I have alot worse to come, at the moment im feeling like its one of those things where you think its too easy and there is something lurking round the corner to catch you off guard

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Hi Lulee :D

Well done on day 9 you're doing great keep it up

Cycling to work already is good

It's normal to have mood swings at this point

Reading the other posts will help you if/when you hit a rough patch but you may be one of the lucky ones who have an easy time quitting but if you do hit a bad bit remember how you feel now and it will help you get through it


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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