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update on feet

hi peeps.

now completed 1 month 2 days.

i am feeling great.

all the sore itch around ankles has dissapeared,bruises are now fading,due to bad circulation,which is brought on by ciggy,s.

i had visions of losing my feet.

sheer fear brought me to this board.

with all your help,and being in the right frame of mind.

my feet just might stay where they

just shows it not always lungs that suffer first,my lungs are in great shape.

congrtats to everyone on this board.

and a huge thank you

doey x:D

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Hi Doey :D

Having completed 1 month and 2 days

Glad to hear you think you can keep those feet with you ;) the itch is gone and bruises fading

Keep it going and for sure you'll keep those feet of yours


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Doey,

Well done you. Glad to hear your ankles are improving now you have stopped smoking, that's just brilliant :D

Can sympathise on that front. My left leg & foot especially nearly always looked purple which scared the do-dahs out of me when I looked. I now have nice pink coloured toes & the constant cramp I used to get has improved also. Can't wait for even more health benefits to show their face as time goes on :p

Love & hugs Gaynor xx


thanx marg and gaynor.

gaynor i know exactly what you meant,it sure scared me to death.

so glad to hear you are also getting on the mend.

it will be nice to have good looking pins for a change lol

love doey x


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