No Smoking Day
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Start of week 2

Well I cracked open my second pack o0f patches today, still getting the urge now and again but at the moment this soon passes

Ive cut down on my coffee intake and trying to drink more water at work.

I have noticed that I am binge eating when ever I can Im hoping this will settle down ( im dog sitting at the moment so my friend has filled the house with goodies and treats) hopefully when i return home the tempation wont be there as i wont buy treats

Not too bad with sleep I feel that i am getting a better sleep same 8 hours but I feel more refreshed

The patches are helping greatly no mood swings as yet lol I think its also helping that im dog sitting so im in my own company trying to keep myself busy - 2 houses to clean now keep nipping home to keep my mind off smoking

Booked a day off next week so I can visit the drop in centre and monitor my progress - quite silly but im looking forward to getting my next batch of patches I see this as the first goal post!

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quite silly but im looking forward to getting my next batch of patches I see this as the first goal post!

Hi Lulee,

I don't think it's silly. You are focused & it's somthing to aim for :D

I am sure the eating thing will settle soon, try eating something a little more healthy along with the naughties to even it out a bit LOL. My eating has settled this week but need to cut my portions down, seem to be able to eat twice as much eeek.

You are doing brilliantly - keep it up.

Love Gaynor xx


Hi Lulee :D

At the start of week 2 you're doing just fine keep going

Bet the dog sitting keeping you busy as well as the 2 houses to clean

Don't worry about the eating for now it will settle in time also glad you're sleeping well and waking refreshed

When you go to the clinic you'll find the CO thingy reading will be lower as well


Marg xxxxxxx


one thing I can say is my clothes and house smell fresher already - did a big mega clean up at the weekend

Noticed today things are getting on my nerves a little more than usual - its not driving me to thinking about smoking but I can ceratinly tell.

Ah well I have to keep focussed on the money im saving and the holiday next year ive promised myself


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