No Smoking Day
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Almost two weeks already

Ello ello,

Well at 4pm tomorrow that'll be two weeks since I quit smoking. So far it's been relatively painless and am getting a lot less trigger craves now. There have been so many improvements that I dunno how I could have gone on so long smoking. I'm worried about coming off the patches because that's when all the weird hormone things start. I have two more big patches so I think I'll cut them in half to get me through to the weekend and then come off the patches altogether and not plan anything so I can mong out on the couch and watch telly while my physical craves bugger off :D That's the plan anyway.. but maybe I'll buy some stage 2 patches just in case it threatens to go to hell.

Anyhoo was at the dentist today and came out smiling :S Didn't feel the hot and cold so much on my gums and I know the ex-wisdom-tooth-hole will heal up a lot faster now that I'm not putting gunk in there. He also cleaned my teeth properly and I treated myself to some fancy toothpaste as a reward for being a good girl at the dentist. Hope you're all well and enjoying being smoke free and healthier!

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OK, I know I said I was going to get dressed but I had to chip in and say WELL DONE!!! 2 weeks is great, keep it up. No point going back now, might as well press on.


hi harley! i hate them dentists especially when they get them drills out!:o

least thats out the way now, get some water down you.

love jamie



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