Hello week 3

i have to say i didn't think at the weekend that i would get here, but here i am. i feel slightly better but still worse than i did on day 10 and 11. i think maybe i got over confident.

so i am going back to one day at a time, and also i was quite worried about the weight thing but have decided that one problem at a time is enough, well 1 problem 3 kids, 1 husband, 1 puppy.

Also i have a few of those bitches to get rid of if any body is interested in chocolate bitch, crisps bitch and lazy bitch (can be bought as part of three with moody and sulky)

Well anyway it is good to be here, and welcome everyone else who made it.

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  • Hi Bev :D

    Glad you made it through the weekend and also that you feel a bit better today

    Can't take them bitches for you sorry and all that seriously don't worry about a bit of exrtra wieght I also put on some weight but it's slowly coming off again now


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Bev

    Well done on entering week 3! I have some ideas on the weight gain - mainly don't worry about it for now, it will work itself out, but I won't go into detail now as the Lager Bitch has got me. But I quite like that one :) I'm on leave from work right now so I'm indulging. I've come here as hubby and I were sat on the patio drinking, he's having a smoke and I can't bear to be anywhere near him while smoking, so I came here instead.

    Anyway ... Bev WELL DONE!!! Keep it up - we're both not smoking and despite anything else we may or may not being doing that is a major achievement!

  • try my reciepe of merenge nests with strawberrys and low fat yogert....also muller corners.....the people at slimming world say you can have 5 a day - guilt free - really tasty and a lot better than b...crisps and chocolate:D

  • LMAO!!!!!

    better than chocolate?!!!!!!


  • Bev and Pink how you doing?

    Just wondered how you're doing ... hadn't seen a post today, hope all is well.

  • Funny


    better than chocolate?!!!!!!


    Now that did make me laugh :D

    Love Gaynor xx

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