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Forgetful not lazy!

I'm aware that I've posted very little of late!

As a fresh quitter you find a great empathy with people also going through the mill of quitting. However, I'm now finding it more and more difficult to empathise, because I've just forgotten how it felt! For me it all seems so easy now, and yet looking back over my old posts I can see that it was hash at times.

These days I read of relapses and think, they should have just stuck to it and resisted. Just don't smoke is my attitude.

I do know that this quit was far easier than previous ones and is the successful one basically because I managed to change my attitude to smoking through education and understanding, but other than trotting out the read read read mantra its much harder to support peoples specific problems than it was when I'd been through them only a couple of weeks or months earlier.

I do know that I have quit for good, and I do know that you all can also quit for good, but the fact is that before very long you will all also forget what it was like to quit and even what it was like to be dependent on smoking.

With that there are some dangers! The odd nostalgic memory of what it was like to sit out in the sun with a pint and a fag , or something similar means that you have to stop yourself and say. NOPE - not one puff ever, for doing so is the slippery slope and after all its not the smoking that was enjoyable it was the situation.

So be assured there is light at the end of the tunnel, honest!

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Good to hear from you, Nic ;)

I have to say that I tend to be feeling very much the same and post in the forums very little these days.... mainly because I feel I have very little of any use to offer to the newer quitters, it all seems such a long time ago :o

As I am sure you do, I post when I feel I can be of help - but I am always around, so if anyone feels I can help them they should feel free to PM me.

Other than that, I hang around like a bad smell because I love to see so many people doing so well and helping each other the way we did at the beginning. Those that stumble along the way are helped to pick themselves up and keep going.

This is a wonderful place!


Thankyou Nicfirth,

That was a great post and helped me a great deal. i have been smokefree for around 40 days this time ,not quite sure as not really been counting the days and hours .and it has felt so different to all my other quit`s. and i can honestly say this was due to really changing my attitude to smoking and educating myself as much as i could on nicotine addiction . it really is the vital key to stopping and wanting to stay stopped.READ READ READ. something just finally clicked and i know i will never smoke again. i have lost nothing but gained everything back , and most of all ,my life.

stay strong to all starting out in your quit. each day will get easier and you will be wiser.

lots of love

ali xx


Fully concur with the first two posts. Into my sixth month now and whilst I rarely post now if there's a topic some one wasn't getting info' on and I knew about I would reply.

Get the odd PM as well re. bleeding gums which I suffered with big time in the early days.

Best of luck to the new or short term quitters. It DOES get easier and further down the line you'll be so pleased you stuck it out:)


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