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Made it through the weekend

Hey all,

After lapsing last weekend, I just made it through the weekend without smoking. Feel great and I know from previous experience the next few days should be easy in comparison (I have most difficulty at weekends).

I have started drinking noticeably more coffee and eating more chocolate, so my plan is to gradually remove these new habits this week. Although, if it was a straight choice between being addicted to nicotine and drinking 4-5 cups of coffee and a bar of chocolate a day I know what I'd prefer :)

Anyone else found that stopping smoking has created other habits?

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I've been drinking a lot more tea. I used to only occassionally stick on the kettle and have a cuppa, now I'm having about three cups a day. Also I'm overeating.. but I'd rather get a bit fatter than smoke. Also once I beat smoking I can beat anything so losing the weight will be easy in comparison :D Congrats on getting through the weekend and getting one step closer to freedom! :)


well done Darren.

go steady with that coffee, it's quite a big trigger!





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