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Whooop whooop!!! yay!!!

How lovely to click onto week 3 (how lovely to be in week 3 - I didn't think I was going to get here tbh!) and to see things like "it is getting easier" and "light at the end of the tunnel" etc

I know it is still going to be tough, but tbh - I am buggered if I EVER want to have to go through the last 2 weeks again. Macaroni cheese rage is embarrassing, and bursting into tears because i couldn't get a plug out of the sink is frustrating to say the least.

Any werid and wonderful side effets coming this week that I might not have known about? (the blood in nose one is still very very annoying!) and does anyone know of a good and very secure kennel that will take my sugar bitch, nicotine boitch and macdonalds bitch of my hands for a few lifetimes? I don't want any of them - they are all up for re homing!!!

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Hi PinkMinx :D

Well done on getting to week 3 that's great big hug for you

Yes there may well be a few tough days yet but now you know you can beat them and the further you go the easier it gets Promise

Being emotional and flying into a rage over silly little thigs is normal just now but that to will pass

Sorry don't know anyone who'll take those three bitches of your hands for you

Don't worry about the extra weight tackle one thing at a time I also put on quite q bit of weight but it will sort itself out I am slowly getting back to my normal weight again now Your metabolism changes when you quit but it to will get back to normal after a while


Marg xxxxxxxx


Marg darling? were you born this calm, positive and reassuring??!

Thank you, and here's a hug back at you!

And you are right, a few pounds versus living to see my children graduate and get married etc etc?


Hi PinkMinx :D

Nope wasn't born that way honest injun ;) it's something I've had to learn over the years and I'm not always calm by any means just ask my kids

Also there have been times during my quit especially the early part of it when I felt exactly as a lot of you feel now but it WILL PASS and yes THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THAT TUNNEL


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS Thanks for the hug


Hi Pink Minx... you sound much better! Very funny post, too :D Week 3 may be challenging a bit still (for me it was the steady all day blah, still thinking of fags all day but it started to be do-able) soon after though, it should get much, much easier!

To keep the weight down of course all the boring advice: exercise, water, healthy snacks :rolleyes: Exercise will also keep the bitch in check ;) If you don't feel like doing that right now though, rest assured that the food craves will calm down... my advice is, don't focus on the weight right now and stick with getting over your nicotine addiction!

You are doing fabulous!

ps by the way, the 'not wanting to go through those first weeks again' is what kept me going ;) It's a good motivator!!


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