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Not feeling too bad yet

Hi everyone, I have just started day 2, at the moment I am feeling pretty alright, there has been times when I have thought o'h I fancy having a cig but I have not yet felt any real cravings for one just more out of habbit, I woke at around 6 this morning and put a new patch on before going back to sleep just to make sure that I am prepared for when I get up. I really admire all of you that go cold turkey, I wish I had the will power to do that but just know that I would fail so will carry on with the patches for a few weeks first just to get over those first steps and then will cut them down too.

How is everyone else on day 2 feeling?

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Hi Tina :D

Glad you feel alright on day 2 with no reall craves just that habit thing of oh a fag would be nice now

Stick with the patches you'll know when it's time to stop them after all no one knows you better than you

I also admire them with the strength to go CT but it doesn't matter how we stop it only matters that we do


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Welcome Tina, well done on your quit.

I also used patches in the beginning and am doing ok now, everyone on here believes it is not how you stop that is important it's the stopping. There are some good tips on here for when you want to come off and cut down on the patches so ask when you get to that stage and someone will tell you where to find them. This forum is the best help you can get followed by the reading material in our signatures which help you to understand the nicotine addiction.

Good luck.



Hi Tina

well done on getting to day 2, your feet are firmly on the path now.

Don't worry about using patches v CT v every other method. You do what works for YOU. If that means going into the garden and standing on your head to beat a craving then do it.

I did patches in 2005, the whole programme, and quit for about 16 months. I started again cos a major life event happened and I used fags to "punish" myself. This time i did patches for a week then came off them. At times I wish I'd stayed on the patches, but I've been off them nearly 2 weeks so no point.


Well done Tina!

well done on making way for your new life!:D

congratulations huny!

Day 1 hehe:D

i hated day 1!

love jamie



hi tina cold turkey or patches makes no difference you stopped smoking i did patches the whole programme for 3 month 100 days today stopped today last patch on monday and its ok for me your doing great do what you feel right for you your a none smoker now


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