Doh 9


its day 9 for me everyone, the longest ive ever quit for!:D

starting my running tommoro, cant wait:confused:

to all of you that have failed your attempts a few times don't worry.

ive certainly learnt a lot from them!

i'am still a bit unsure as to whether iam going to continue not to smoke!?

each day as it comes i suppose...

love jamie xxxxxxxxxx

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  • Brilliant Jamie

    Well done Jamie you have done brilliant :) Think you have got a great attitutde to this, wish I had had that in the begining ;)

  • i'am still a bit unsure as to whether iam going to continue not to smoke!?

    each day as it comes i suppose...

    Hi Jamie,

    Just look at your reasons in your signature to affirm the reasons why you stopped in the first place!!

    You are doing so well, don't look to far ahead, slowly forward & don't forget that every hour, day etc is your great acheivement :D

    Love Gaynor xx

  • yippiiiii

    its day 9 for me everyone, the longest ive ever quit for!:D

    each day as it comes i suppose...

    Hi Jamie :D

    Great you got there well done you Big Hug day 9 and the longest you've ever gone

    Tomorrow you start your running hope you enjoy it

    You say you're a bit unsure whether you'll continue not to smoke I'm sure that having got this far you'll carry on and yes take each day as it comes, it will get easier for you with every day you stay quit


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Awwww Jamie hang on in here!! (misery loves company!)

    you CAN do this, hell if I can make myself feel this rough, then I am sure you can too!

    9 DAYS! Wow!!! that IS one hell of an achievment.

    Go you.

    Where are you running? make it somewhere beautiful that would be ruined by the smell of a fag.

    Big hugs honey - hang on in here!

  • thanks pink ming!

    well it's day 10 for me today, woopi do!

    work is such a doodle now, i actually nearly look forward to it in the morning!:p

    last time i quit which lasted 8 days, i went crazy with the excercise, like everything i do i have to get obsessive then stop altogether after a while.

    well today i decided instead of going mad, i'd do half my workout, but this time keep it regular.because like anything if you do too much of it you lose your motivation really quickly!

    4 days a week, monday, wednesday, friday and sunday, 20mins jogging, 20 press-ups and 20 sit-ups.simple

    thanks everyone!

  • Hi Jamie :D

    day 10 well done you in double figures big hug

    Also pleased to hear that work is a doddle now

    Four days a week exercising makes me tired just thinking about it :D


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Hi Jamie

    Well done for getting to day 10! You can do this, we all can. Quitting is hard but it's NOT impossible.

    Just an idea with your exercise, if you like it give it a go, if not then no worries, just a suggestion. Each time you exercise, both during and after, focus on how your body FEELS. Try to feel the muscles moving, as you're breathing feel how each breath feels in your lungs, afterwards take a few really deep breaths and feel the air going down deeper into your lungs than it did before. As time goes on, note the improvements in how your body feels.

    Just an idea... it helps me, I'm using cycling and swimming as new things to do instead of smoking, and my body is starting to feel really good.

  • yeah ok Jen i'll try that tommoro actually!

    oh i love cycling! it's quite hard to start with but once you get into it and feel that wind in your face it's fantastic isn't it!?

    i have been thinking about doing a long bike ride in a group, not sure of which website i should try though!


  • hi jamie

    for charity bike rides, try this one -

    A bit of googling could come up with cycle clubs in your area too. I agree it's nicer to cycle in groups (and safer too!)

  • sometthing my gp has done for me which weirdly is really helping was to give me a flow meter (normally used to help diagnose asthma etc) and it is staggering watching my lung capacity go up. Incentive in itself - well worth a scrounge!

    Well done - keep going! (could you exercise on the other 3 days for me please - I am too busy indulging my macdonalds bitch to fit exercise in as well!!)

    ;) :p

    Pink x

  • oh thank you so much for that link!

    yeah i've always liked bike riding, i'll have a look at that link later!

    MC Donalds bitch hahaha:)

    the weight will come off.i mean if you have the dedication to stop puffing than surely you can lose a few pounds!:D

    love jamie


  • Well done on getting to day 10 your doing great. x

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