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No Smoking Day
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108 days today !!

not been on here since pre 100 days but here i am now ! Day 108 nearly over, it is actually getting so much simpler now, don't think about fags much now and am loving being a non smoker. Still on this gum stuff but only a couple of pieces a day. I am way too paranoid to stop chewing because I became quite a depressive I think and from about the nasty week 3 right through to the nasty month 3 I was the misery from hell ! I actually wondered if nicotine had masked some sort of clinical depression for all them years ? Sounds mad but a possibility ? anyhow things are finally slowly looking up now and days seem much brighter BUT because my mind and life seem so nice i'm scared to spit the gum out and be totally free just yet? Maybe if I just see how i feel in a couple of weeks then I'll quit the gum or maybe it's a psychological thing i don't know but hey 108 days for me is such an achievement, especially as it was one heck of a journey more times than not.....it was exciting in the beginning when i was counting the hours days then weeks and the first month mark and then it as almost an anti-climax, like 'whats the big deal, so you quit, thousands do it everyday......BUT yes it was a big deal and yes i am one of them thousands......Believe me if I can go through my miserable mental state and still stay off them filthy things then please rest assured so can each and every one of you who read this ! xxxx

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Brill Post

Hii Dee Dee, Well Done on your quit, I can relate to your post, not as bad, but certaintly have had those days!!! I too am on 106days and was on patches. I came off them last Friday night and was going to use chewing gum, but decided to try use nothing.... I have now been NRT since last Friday and been fine, well fine ish??? Its not easy, but we have overcome a massive addiction and didnt expect any easy ride??? Keep up the good work, U've done brilliant Kaz :D


Hi Dee Dee :D

Huge hug on it's way for you 108 days brilliant well done you

As for the gum don't worry about it you'll know yourself when to stop it completely

Yes you're right quitting is a big deal for all of us no matter how long we smoked for or how we quit


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Kaz :D

Big Hug for you as well on 106 days well done


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Dee Dee, 108 days is bloody fantastic, i too am around that mark, i can totally relate to your posts about evrything, im still using nicotine lozengers trying to keep down to less than 5 a day and it is rearly hard, i have tried to stop a few times but get depressed and emotional too, dont feel like your on your own, there are lots of people quitting everyday yes, but there is also lots of people who fail and if by using the nrt that little bit longer keeps us on track then i think we are doing ok, eventually we will be strong enough to come off it altogether, but for now we should be just proud that we are not smoking!

well done on your quit and keep strong, take care, x

tracy21 x


Hi dee dee,

Huge congratulations on 108 days. It may be that it does get easier, it may even be that it does get a bit "boring" at times (the early euphoria fades a bit, the milestones seem a bit further apart), but it IS a massive achievement that you have every right to feel proud of. I'll be hitting the century mark too next Sunday - I can't wait to join you there. :D

Stay strong



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