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Would have been 2 months tomorrow and something has snapped, I have had 2 cigarettes this evening, I feel terrible for it, the 2nd one was particularly digusting taste wise and I ham hoping I have actually confirmend to myself that it is a big waste of time coz i feel no better for it and really now have no idea why i did it :mad: am really angry with myself....does this put me back to square one :confused: will it muck up the healing my body has gone through so far? Feel sh**.

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I would just keep going with it, perhaps a lapse is not such a bad thing as when you get that sh#tty taste and cr#p feeling back it will reinforce the reasons you wanted to quit in the first place. I have only been 1 week and lapsed about an hour ago but i will just carry on, im determined to ake this ork, if you have been 2 months already then i think you are well on your way . . . stick with it!!!


You have a choice now..... keep smoking or stop again right away and learn from your mistake.... I had a blip as well, kept going, and didn't put myself back to day 1 ;) Don't beat up on yourself, just think about what you really want and stick with it. 2 months is really great! You can do it!!


Hi Miss Brew :)

I'm so sorry this has happened at 2 months but it happens some times unfortunately so you had 2 and feel terrible for it the 2nd one being really disgusting and you feel no better for it

Don't beat yourself up to much about it but learn from that mistake whether or not this puts you back on day one is up to you I personally think that you could just carry on but you know how you feel about that best

As for the healing that your body has already done I don't think it will have made any difference to that with just the 2

But remember how you feel now about this mistake and make sure you don't repeat it


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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