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No Smoking Day
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Day 10 and feeling like crap

Ello ello. Midsummer was celebrated yesterday here which usually means a lot of boozing and sauna-ing and jumping in lakes. I had a few drinks and was feeling good and didn't smoke. Problems started later on in the early morning. There were two smokers in the group and me and my man were outside chatting with them and even though we were outside and sat away from the smoke we both ended up feeling like we've each smoked 100. I don't get it. We stayed away from the smoke and definately didn't smoke but have both got nasty coughs just like the morning after a night out after smoking 2 packs. Could it be that we're just hyper sensitive to smoke just now or something? Will it get better? I don't want to be the kind of ex-smoker that can't even so******e with smokers. Anyhoo have cut my patch down to half and so far feeling alright although a bit crap cos of the lack of sleep and cough. Hope everyone else is fine and after last night I can honestly say that I never ever want to smoke again. Yuck.

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hello there...

i would say isolating yourself from bad associations for a while is one of the keys to a successful quit.

you could say to your friends that your staying away for a while so you can build up the strength being around smokers!

i would say:

1.avoid smokers

2.avoid coffee


3.avoid alcohol


jamie xxx


Hi Harleyquine :D

Glad you enjoyed yourself both of you that's great wand well done not being tempted to smoke again when with others who did even though you kept away from the smoke as much as possible

This could be because of the smokey atmosphere but I suspect it is just on of those things that happens when you quit and just your lungs atarting to clear themselves even if you're not bringing anything up

I had an awful cough early on nut didn't bring any gunge up at all it cleared up very quickly OK


Marg xxxxxx


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