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day 8

well the last time i tried to quit i managed to go 8 whole days before i crash landed!

so i am doing really well, ive got rid of the two triggers that started me off, and i SWEAR by keeping away from caffeine and alcohol!!!

i had one can of fosters last night, it was discusting!:rolleyes:

i am starting on my excercise routine next week, jogging 2 miles 3 times a week.nothing amazing, but i am slowly introducing excercise back into my life again.

well yesterday was a terible day for me, but this morning i woke up and felf fantastic, like a young man again.

i know i am going to have some tricky days yet to overcome, so i am getting prepared for them!

keep going everyone!

love jamie


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Hi Jamie :D

Great you're on day 8 well done you Big Hug

Sorry you had a bad day yesterday but pleased to hear you feel much better today

Each trigger you fight off makes you a little stronger and them easier to handle

Yes you'll have a few tricky days for while but you'll have many many more good ones as well Promise


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


thanks margareth:D

yeah looking forward to the good days to come!



really!? woopy!;)

how long have you stopped for then mr?



Oh Caroliner!:D

love you caroline!

so basically you FEEL GREAT! THEN!



Hi Caroline :D

Great well done you on 8 weeks quit Big Hug for you


Marg xxxxxxxx


update(this afternoon)

i keep getting these funny feelings in my tumy, like all exited and stuff;)

i had them last time i quit, bursts of energy.trouble is these massive bursts of energy got me into trouble last time so ive been forcing myself into staying inside and drinking water heavy.if i let this exitement do what it wants to do, ill be straight down the pub, after a couple of drinks the depression kicks in-i know ill have a few fags-bang everythings gone out of the window!



Hi Jamie :D

You're doing great just hang in there OK

I suspect the funny excited feeling in your tummy is because you know you're about to go further with this quit than you've ever been before

So maybe channel this excitement into doing something, cleaning, cooking whatever just don't let it take you to that pub OK

Force yourself to remember how that can you had last night tasted you said it was horrible so remember truly and not with a memory from a while back


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


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