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12 days now and not good

I knew I had spoken too soon with my last post. I was feeling a bit smug that I thought I had cracked it going the cold turkey route. But as usual with me if I have stress come up in life I reach for my little smoking crutch, but I can't now so I am having a really rough time....all I can do is think about smoking again.

Physically I feel better already but mentally this is really tough :(

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Hi Rivergirl :)

Sorry you're finding it tough going just now but you're doing great on day 12 Just hang in there

Do some reading that will help a lot there are links in my signature that i found and still do really good, also there are lots in other peoples as well it's the mental bit that's the hardest but once you get your head round it, it's so much easier for you

Glad you feel fine physically and it will get better still Promise

Are you still doing it C T or have you gone back to what you were using??


Marg xxxxxxxxx


~Still doing the CT as it seems a bit pointless to get onto nicotine now. It is difficult though and mentally is dragging me down - I am not working at the moment which is giving me far too much time to think! It just seems so much easier to give in:rolleyes: Glad I found this forun though, everyone is going through or has been through the same thing and knows where you are coming from x


My day 12 too


sorry to hear you are having a tough day, it seems to me that we all suffer the same things just at different times. a couple of days ago i was really bad, crying, shouting, fed up, feeling down, but yesterday and so far today i feel better. boredom is a big thing could you maybe just go out for a walk or jog, or maybe play an online game to take your mind off it for a bit.

just try to hold on to the fact that you have done an amazing 12 days, and you don't want to have to do those 12 days again, maybe 13 is going to be your lucky day.

Keep going.




I'm on day 13 and I thought it would be a breeze by now, but although it's not as hard as the first few days I still want a cigarette. I'm just not going to have it. I know I probably wouldn't enjoy it anyway so what's the point? And if i were to have one, it'd be like falling down a mountain. I've climbed up so far already, if I fell back i'd only have to do the same climb all over again. I'm not wasting the effort I've put in so far, no WAY.

opps ... sorry turned into a bit of a rant. I suppose it's cos I've not long eaten, that was one of my smoking cues. So I came here instead.

Take care and keep on climbing :)


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