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my boyfriend has just cleared some rubbish out of my car and come back in the house asking me to tell the truth. he found something that looked like ash in the door compartment. I used to smoke in the car and hadnt cleaned it out since I stopped but also Im abit of a muncher and put the empty wrappers etc in the door, which there were quite a few.

I havent even had a sniff of a cig never mind a puff or flicked any ash in my car in the last 100 and odd days. In previous quits I may have done this but not this time. I feel angry and more angry that hes seen me when I ve really struggled with this quit but Ive never given in.

as I was getting slighly annoyed at this mistrust I appeared to be getting more angry and was then told I was on the defensive. hmmph no Im just mad that you think I would jepordise all my hard work, have a sly fag and then lie about it.

sad, mad and rather upset by this. dont want a fag now or ever.

rant over ........:mad:

ps I think im also upset that in the past as a nicotine addict I did lie and have sneaky cigarettes but I havent this time, I aboslutley promise!

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Ah Moog,

Sorry you are going through this. It took me a good month before I got round to emptying my overflowing ash tray in the car & there is still plenty of fag evidence in there I am ashamed to say.

At the end of the day YOU know you have not smoked & don't intend to. Try not to let his comments upset you (hard I know). Shoulders back, head held high, you know what is right.

Be proud of yourself, you deserve it.

Love Gaynor xx


Hi Sam :)

I don't blame you one little bit for being hopping mad and upset with your BF i'd have socked him one or maybe even 6 at that accusation rotten little sod and he then had the cheek because you were mad as hell to say you were one the defensive arghhhhhhhhhh

He's an idiot in my opinion doesn't he know you at all [or is he maybe jealous] because it sounds like it to me and doesn't he know that he would smell it if you had anyway

Don't let him upset you anymore YOU KNOW YOU HAVEN'T HAD ONE AND THAT WHAT MATTERS in the end


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Moog, Sorry you are having a hard time with BF. Why is it that men always say we are getting defensive when they know we are always right!!!! Sorry, poor joke, but I'm also very upset with my other half, so I don't think I could be fair about your BF. Right now all men are on my **** list! Things always look better the next day. I just tell my husband to be sure and sleep with one eye open!!! lol


Babes Im so sorry about your BF thinking you been smoking but Im sure he will eat his words when he wakes up and finds he is wrong. Dont be to hard on him I have thought my son has been drinking in the passed when hes on a dry spell and I was wrong. You show him your better than that.xxxxx


thanks x

thank you so much my forum friends for these words of encouragement. Later that night I think he knew he was out of order. I also said that if I ever did smoke I would tell him.

anyway first night out with smokers on friday night and oh my goodness it wasnt hard to be a non smoker at all. they stink!!!! some of the girls were in and out of the pub all night and I couldnt sit too close to one of them as her breath was so bad.

really enjoying a smoke free life at the moment xx hope everyone else is doing well xxxxx


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