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Feeling edgy - Day 8

Just my luck. I get through the first week then I start having symptoms. I didn't cut my patch in half like I was planning cos I figure I'll need all the help I can get for Friday and I won't throw away this quit cos of a few drinks.. anyhoo I have my full patch on and have brushed my teeth and had breakfast and have typed in here but am still feeling restless. I think I might have got a bit of a cold and for some reason my brain is saying "oh these fluey feelings are just because you want a fag, have a fag and they'll dissappear" which is just stupid :rolleyes: Just got to keep busy busy busy.

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Your symptoms are probably the poisons coming our of your body, rejoice, you are healing beautifully. You definitely don't want a fag, that would ruin everything. Take care when you are drinking it can be a big downfall.

Now all the good things, you are becoming healthy, smell nicer, have more money etc etc.

Enjoy your day.




you definately do not want a fag. Its the sneaky demons trying to trick you. Have a nice mars bar instead!


Just took the dog out for a long walk and got my adrenaline going and am feeling a lot better. Mornings are really the worst aren't they? Every morning it feels like I've got to crank myself up and then after that I'm fine. I'm lucky in that I don't have a regular job at the mo (don't think many folk would say that's lucky but.. well). It keeps things interesting and I don't have any set routine. I think that's helped with my quit. Hope everyone has a nice day. I'm at home so I think I'll get the heaps of housework done that never bloody ends and listen to my favourite tunes and maybe go do some shopping for something nice for myself :D

Oh yeah... and I wanted to ask about whether any of you have had a partner that quit around the same time? I'm on the patches and offered to buy my worst half :p a pack of patches as well but he refused and decided to go cold turkey. Now I know that I should be all supportive and helpful but to be honest he's not much of a talker and isn't interested in discussing the finer points of stopping smoking (the strong silent type) the thing is that he's a really grumpy shit and I'm finding it difficult to tolerate his moods when he comes home especially when I'm trying to take care of myself. Any suggestions on how to handle him? how do I hide the body etc?


Hi Harleyquine

Sorry your day started of a bit rough but pleased to hear you feel better now

I don't have a OH or WH so don't really know but several on here have quit with there's so I expect they'll be along later

The only thing I can think of is that if he's grumpy you pretend to be grumpier and if he moans about the craves make yours sound worse than his that might work


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Harleyquine, I do that if I get bad I take the dog out, works wonders but the poor dog is only little and is shattered bless him. I quit with my oh, it did have its ups and downs early in the quit but luckly most of the time if one was having a bad time the other wasnt so could help each other. What I did when it got bad for both of us and felt like killing him I would grab the poor dog again and walk walk walk. We are both fine now and dont even mention cigs anymore life has settled down to a new norm and it will for you two aswell ;)


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