no substitute for time .. and the support of a forum

thought this was a great article .. Its real focus is on the power of patience and I think that we can all relate to that from dealing with painful relationship breakups and other forms of loss or grievance from losing someone or something we are used to having with us everyday of our lives - interesting to hear it said about smoking - reinforced the belief that the two things are really not that dissimilar.

and although what the lady is talking about relates to another forum i still think it really applys to the wonderous support we all give each other here.

cheers all - happy reading

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  • Hi Bman :D

    You're right about quitting being in part at least a grieving process for something we've had around for a long time [to long in many cases] hence the craves we get at the beginning of a quit

    Keep this in mind


    Marg xxxxxxxx

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