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1 MONTH and 1 DAY.............wooo hooo

Well I'm 1 Month and 1 Day today, I can honestly say that I never imagined myself here, the day I gave up I was soooo negative thinking I'll never do it, I love smoking so much why am I giving up, don't kid yourself Kate you'll soon be back on the smokes........but wow.... look at me now.

Am not out of the woods yet but, as you ALL does get easier and easier as each day passes, so for all of you who have just started on this journey - if I can do it so can you - :D :)

AND, can I just add that this process of quitting has been made a whole lot easier with this forum, just to know and be able to talk to others who are going through the same is such a powerfull tool especially when we have bad days and there's always someone here who will talk you through it.

(((((HUGS and KISSES))))) to everyone

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Love Gaynor xx


Well done Kate

Kate I am so pleased for you :) You have done brilliant I hope you are really proud of yourself.

Hugs :)


Well done kate, hitting the one month mark is a great milestone and now you counting in months there will be no stopping you!

Well done and keep smiling



Hi Kate :D

well done you 1 month + 1 day is great Big hug for you

Lovely post as well brimming with self confidence because you now know you CAN DO IT long term


Marg xxxxxxxxx


congratulations kate.

yes it is doable,because you are doing it,i feel exactly the same,coming to this board has made me so stronger this quit than all the others,im not far behind you,one month tomorrow,

as allen carr says....yipeeeeee,we are non smokers.

take care

doey x


Congratulations Kate, it's great to see you doing so well.

I wish you many more months smoke-free.

Jackie :)


Kate, i have just realised we can join the month 2 forum yeeeeeeeeeee ha

Lead the way......:p

Month 2......can can confused.....doh :confused: I should have been born blonde


1 month or 2?

Hi Kate & Chrissie,

I am almost at the end of week 5 of my quit but still posting in month 1 as I thought you had to actually be in month 2 to move???

I am confused also now - advice please anyone :D

Gaynor xxx


I followed other examples and advice and moved myself into month 2 when I had completed 4 weeks and so on and so forth. Works ok in my head until I reach month 11! Will worry about that when I get there though! xx


Hi CJM & Fiona,

Ok will post in month 2 from now on then unless someone kicks me out LOL.

Gaynor xx


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