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Day 3 - just checkin' in

Feeling pretty decent to tell you the truth - but as I said in an earlier post, I dont start to struggle until day 5. I shall be approaching 72 hours without a cigarette at around 5pm this evening, only 8 hours to go..

So far I'm using half of a 21mg patch and it's working fine - though I had *crazy* dream last night - some king-kong type beast was chasing me and a few others around and we all in our local jobcentreplus - leading the beast to other members of the general public so that if we kicked the proverbial, we'd take a whole load of others with us (selfish I know). So anyway, I went up a few floors in the building, got myself a glass of water (incase I was hiding for a while) and my mobile phone and hid under a bed...

Just as the door opens and I can hear the *thud thud thud* of a heavy animal stomping around the room, also pausing to sniff; I'm furiously trying to text my dad to get help...:eek:

...then Himself wakes me up with a cup of tea. Thank-f*ck!!

Haha, I do love crazy nicotine patch dreams - they make my nights so much more entertaining :rolleyes:

I haven't yet had to use my inhalator - I guess by witholding the use of it in these early few days where I don't struggle so much, I'll benefit a bit more by it's use when I'm really struggling from day 5 onwards.

I've got another class of aquafit tonight - how I'm going ot manage I have NO idea as I can still barely raise my arms above my head haha - I'kll have to warm up on the Wii Fit before I go..

I suspect Himself is sneaking out with The Boys while I'm away as it's my 25th birthday tomorrow. Please,Nobody panic ;) - I'm all but tee-total, so no fear of being caught out and my resolve disappearing after consuming alcohol..

Had a couple of hairy moments yesterday, felt slightly agitated and really wanted to light up - such as the walk to school to collect my son, but all cravings were gone within a few minutes. I just tried my hardest to concentrate or think of something else..

Ah well, that's my update!

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Interesting dream :) They should write a book on patch fuelled dreams. Time seems to be flying past cos I remember you writing your first post in day 1 and already it's day 3. The way you write about day 5, what is it that convinced you to smoke last time? Was it the 'I can reward myself now cos I made it through four days'? or did you just have a crap stressful day? Addiction sucks but if we just keep going then we'll be free and clear and live till at least 100 (hopefully).

Oh aye and I wish someone would wake me up with a cuppa. That'd start my day beautifully, but my male dissappears to work before I've even gotten up instead of staying here and doing my bidding all day. What a drag.


Nothing I guess, day 5 is just when it started to really get hard and take it's toll - day 5 for me has always fell on a weekend as well so I always found it harder on a weekend compared to when I was at work and couldn't smoke for the majority of the day anyway.

This time I have no excuse as I'm on maternity leave so haven't worked for 5 months alreadya dn I still have a further 7 months off work - it's like a permanent weekend. I feel differently about appraoching weekends now - if anything, they're more packed with activity than through the week is, so I should really find it easier!

I've just always been previously weak willed. Not this time though, I'm DEFINITELY going to make it past day 5 if it kills me - the irony of course is it will, in fact, extend my life!

Woo, I feel hyper today! :D I think I may dance around the to Queen, in my underwear, doing housework.. *does a merry jig in her seat*


Hi Last one for me :D

Well done on day 3 you're doing fine and what a lovely post and what a crazy dream you had last night

Leaving the inhalor until you really need it is a good idea as it will give you that extra boost


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks Marg :)



Hi Emma

Well done with your quit. It might be easier at day 5 if you don't convince yourself it is going to be bad, things often are if we believe it, so believe it will be ok.

Good luck.



the weird dreams have started for me as well.

i had my first nightmare in years last night - there was some people i vaguely knew who had tricked me into a room and were trying to set fire to me - i managed to break free and found a scapel on the floor and threatened to slit the guys throat with it and got away but cut myself in the process - I then had this small hole and realised that bits of my insides were coming out like toothpase out of a tube. but it was like a long thick wire.

i managed to poke it all back inside and carry on when i met my brother (whos a doctor in real life) and aksed him what i should do about the whole in my chest with all the stuff that had come out. He said "did you put it back in?" i told him i had and he told me that was "a mistake as i could get infected without cleaning it" so I took my finger off and it started to come back out. It then turned into this massive tube with all this yellow disgusting stuff around it that he told me i needed to remove with my fingers, to get it clean, and then we needed to get some kind of filter to put in the end to make it clean me better. We then got bits of wire and chain and at one point something that looked like it had come of a suspension bridge - i was telling him "thats not gonna go back through the hole in my chest - its too big!"

very weird. I was genuinely very relived when i woke up fine.

I guess this must be my subconsious dealing with the cleansing healing process my body is going through.


HBman :D

I don't like the sound of that nightmare at all Yuk glad it wasn't me

I can only imagine how good ot felt to wake up from that


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Emma

You on the wild dreams too, I was a bit dissapointed you other half woke you up I was looking forward to the end bit.

Good luck with your quit.

Hi Bman

Are you sure you are not operating on yourself and removing all that muck from smoking, if not it sounds like that's what you are dreaming about.

Best of luck with your quit.



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